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FRC Rx Skin Care

Every formulation is unique.

All products in the FRC (Facial Rejuvenation Center) Rx Skincare line stem not only from Dr. Houston’s understanding of biology of human skin, but from his knowledge of the latest scientific research taking place at Young Pharmaceuticals.

All Facial Rejuvenation Center Rx products are multi-functional and use only medical-grade ingredients that work synergistically with each other. The Facial Rejuvenation Center Rx formulations:

  • Include the gentlest, most effective medical grade ingredients.

  • Eliminate common irritants found in many commercial skincare products.

  • Perform multiple functions to save you time and steps in your skincare routine.

  • Results are an effective treatment system designed specifically for your skin that is simple, easy and affordable.


Dr. Houston was inspired to develop an approach to skincare which would nurture inner health and well-being to foster outward beauty. Dr. Houston’s background in Anti-Aging Medicine and traditional botanical medicine guided him in selecting the best treatment methods designed to restore beauty by supporting health. FRC Rx products contain prescription-strength formulations, only available through this office.


Facial Rejuvenation Center Rx products treat the signs of aging, wrinkles, lack of firmness, dark spots, oxidative stress, dullness, and cutaneous dryness.


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