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Create full, plump, defined lips with daily use of this botanical and vitamin based resurfacing lip therapy. Alleviates dry / chapped lips while protecting against UV damage.

Esente' Bio-Boost Lip Enhancer

  • Apply to lip, paying special attention to lip line. Use daily before make-up application / enhances lip fullness. Defines lip line / accentuates lip liner and prevents feathering of lip color / naturally pinkens the lips / tingling is normal. Use to relieve milia in the lip tissue.

    Primary Active Ingredients - Alpha and Beta Acids. To resurface lip surface and break down fatty deposits (Millia). Dimethicone Provides comfortable slip to the lips.Green Tea Extract Anti-oxidant, heals cracked or chapped lips.Alpha Lipoic Acid Dual anti-oxidant and free radical protection. Allantoin Soothes. Niacin Stimulates micro-circulation and improves natural lip color. Palmitoyl OligopeptideIncreases volume of the lips. Sunscreens Protects lips from sun damage.

    Product Functions Creates full, plump lips. Promotes healthy lip texture and color. Eliminates dry and chapped lips. Redefines the natural lip line. Enhances make-up application.

    How To Use Apply twice per day for corrective long-term effects. Apply A.M. only for continued maintenance once desired result is achieved, For daily sun protection. Apply make-up (lip liner) once Bio-Boost Lip Enhancer has penetrated and tightening occurs. 

    Manufacturer: ESENTE'

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