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At the FRC, rejuvenation of the skin, body, mind and spirit is our highest priority. We are dedicated to helping our patients look and live well by integrating aesthetics and clinical science with personalized care, excellent service and healthy aging strategies. Quality facial skin care requires a dual approach of internal and external treatments and a commitment from you.



Now adults long for the flawless skin they took for granted as a child. As we age our skin is exposed to the environmental elements including the sun, air pollution and other toxins. Collagen fibers break down and lose elasticity, and over time the skin essentially becomes thin, dry, uneven in color or tone, wrinkled, and more sensitive. A smooth, fresh face is the promise of countless beauty products and salon services, however, no product on the market can match the rejuvenation results that can be achieved through our specialized skincare clinic at the FRC.


We evaluate each patient’s skin thickness, pigmentation, complexion, pore size, and degree of sun damage, among other variables. Treatments are individualized not only to each patient’s general skin type, but also to the anatomical area of concern.

We use a multi-modality approach to rejuvenate your skin. At the FRC, exclusive prescription and physician strength products are carefully introduced to your skin over time. A combination of techniques rather than one single method is generally used to treat problems individually.


Today, with our greater understanding of human physiology, we focus on ways to further nurture our skin from the inside out. The intake of supplements, such as, VasculoSirt, EFA Sirt Supreme, ResveraSirt- HP and a well balanced diet helps ensure optimal tissue support.


Once your skin is rejuvenated and signs of aging are reversed, we emphasize the need to maintain your healthy and youthful skin. We evaluate your skin regularly and change your skincare regimen based on your evolving needs. We would enjoy the opportunity to personally guide your skin back to great health. At the FRC we are results-oriented. We will be your skin advocates to promote synergy between our Center and cosmetic surgeons, dermatologists and aestheticians here in Nashville.


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