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Laurie Hays, BA, R.N.


Co-Director, Facial Rejuvenation Center



Laurie is highly knowledgeable and solution-oriented in medical grade skin care, including all injectables. Laurie has 33 years experience as a Registered Nurse in medical, surgical, and critical care nursing, her experience in the surgical and burn intensive care units at Vanderbilt University Medical Center helped her gain her knowledge base of skin and wound care. Laurie is well versed in the essentials of skin structure, the healing process and reviving damaged skin.


Laurie is dedicated to the advancement of groundbreaking cosmetic procedures and anti-aging treatments. She will guide you with safe and effective solutions,blending the best anti-aging treatments, medical weight loss plans, hormone replacement therapy and non-surgical procedures available.


Laurie is a member of the American Society for Aesthetics, American Academy of Facial Esthetics, National Council on Skin Cancer Prevention and the World Anti-Aging Academy of Medicine.


As an FRC Co-Director, Laurie is able to combine her artistic eye for symmetry, balance and beauty while utilizing her medically trained background. Laurie strives to personally invest her time, talent, and efforts into each unique client.


Laurie has advanced cosmetic dermatologic training in all aesthetic procedures and has specialized training in the DOT laser for acne,acne scars, rosacea and photoaging. She provides chemical skin peels for the treatment of photoaging, acne and hyperpigmentation. In addition she is highly skilled in the use of Botox Cosmetic andDermal Fillers (Juvederm, Restylane and Perlane) which are used as a minimally invasive method for treating the aging face.


Each consultation with Laurie is tailored to provide you with the treatment options available and to help you set specific goals and expectations.


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