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Skin Lightening


What is the Melanage Skin Lightening System?

Do you have uneven skin tone, deep pigment issues or melasma? The Melanage Skin Lightening System is a superficial peel designed to improve the texture and appearance or hyperpigmented skin which involves a medicated masque and an at-home regimen.


The Melanage Skin Lightening System is the first hydroquinone and retinoid masque for the treatment of hyperpigmentation. The FRC offers the full Melanage peel as well as the Melanage Minipeel. The Melanage Minipeel is to treat light hyperpigmentation, someone who does not want as much downtime, acne clients, and clients who prefer to spread out the cost of their treatment over time.


How does it work?


Melanage 1 Masque is applied during an office visit where it is compounded freshly by the nurse to ensure its potency and reliability. The masque is removed by the patient after a required length of time depending on his or her skin type. Clients are responsible for adhering to an easy-to-follow, but strict, at-home regimen involving the application of several Melanage products following masque removal. This comprehensive at-home regimen encourages compliance and reduces the likelihood of re-pigmentation.


Results that you can expect?


Results will vary but generally patients will see a significant improvement in the appearance of pigmented areas. Dark spots will lighten and skin texture and tone will improve. Although most patients experience peeling of their skin, not every client will notice this. If you do not notice actual peeling, please know that you are still receiving all the benefits of the Melanage Skin Lightening System, such as: stimulation of collagen production, improvement of skin tone and texture, and diminishment of fine lines and pigmentation.

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